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The Henry van de Velde Awards 17

The Henry van de Velde Awards shows and laurels both national and international Flemish designers, companies, products, projects and services that have a positive impact on the economy and society from a design and solution point of view. The award 'Ecodesign by OVAM' is one of the categories.

The Henry van de Velde Awards are widely supported thanks to the shared vision of a professional jury with important expertise in the sector. With the official award ceremony, exhibition and publication, the Henry van de Velde Awards offers a platform for Flemish design.

The jury selected 23 winners from hundreds of entries. From November 15 on you can decide who wins the audience award. On the 29th of January, the festive award ceremony will take place in the Bozar in Brussels, Belgium. Hopefully you can attend this prestigious evening. Curious who were the jury members and you would like to vote for the audience award? Then we guide you to: http://www.henryvandevelde.be/


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Clothing is increasingly being treated as a disposable product. Its production is aimed at increasing numbers and maximum reduction of the price. What does this way of producing mean for the future of the environment and the people who work in this industry?

Together with The Post-Couture Collective, designer Martijn van Strien offers an alternative to the current fashion system by developing a new method for the production of sustainable and affordable clothing. The Post-Couture Collective builds a worldwide network with Makerspaces that already have experience with digital patterns. Thanks to the innovative way of producing clothing 'on demand', tailored to the end user, they create a product with added value.

This added value ensures that production can no longer take place in low-wage countries, but that this must be done locally. The clothing is only made when someone actually wants to buy it. As a result, stores no longer need a stock of clothing, no unworn garments will end up with the garbage and the transport of clothing will be reduced.





A qualitatively functioning and well-designed public space is the motor of social life in a city or village. Relaxation, meeting new people and communicating is of vital importance in a healthy society.

In this context Studio Segers developed the H-Bench for ECO-oh!. The seating concept "H-bench" is the binder of this social interaction in an ecologically responsible manner.

The H-Bench is produced from Polyolefine, made from recycled plastic from household waste (yoghurt jars, butter dishes, plastic bags ...) and is 100% recyclable. The material is durable, colourfast, withstands weather and wind, is splinter-free, requires little maintenance and is available in various colors; dark gray (black), medium gray, light gray, pastel green, pastel blue and beige.



XANT M is a medium-sized wind turbine that is easier to install, easier to transport and more adaptable in the landscape than a normal wind turbine. In contrast to ordinary wind turbines, the XANT M has a highly simplified structure so that less material is used during production.

The design of the tower has a semi-quadratic shape so that only a minimal amount of steel is used. Moreover, the sound is minimized by the shape, which makes this turbine the quietest in its class. As a turbine upholstery, the designers opted for recycled truck tarpaulins, which is a unique way of upcycling with renewable energy sources.

The different segments can be slided together so that the entire wind turbine can be transported to the site in a single container.