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cases 2017

By carpooling with lorries, empty journeys are avoided 


In the EU, around 24% of lorries travel without a load. Those that are loaded are filled to an average of only 57%. TRI-VIZOR aims to tackle this potential for improvement by getting companies to work together on their logistical matters. In doing so, they have become the world's first ever logistical orchestrator!                                 




Manager of the logistical association 

TRI-VIZOR goes in search of overlapping logistical flows or complementary activities at different companies and then proposes that they work together. The companies concerned sign an agreement with the rules of the partnership. Using the gain-sharing model from TRI-VIZOR, the profit is shared across all relevant parties. 




Common transport to the supermarket for biscuits 

TRI-VIZOR convinced 4 large Belgian biscuit manufacturers to carry out a test run and share their transport of products to the stores. It turned out to be a great success. The suppliers involved are Vondelmolen, Vermeiren Princeps, Poppies and Desobry. The participating retail chains are Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw, Colruyt, OKay, and Retail Partners Colruyt Group RPCG. Other biscuit manufacturers and retailers have already shown an interest. The project is part of the EU's Horizon 2020 Project NexTrust, which involves testing a Multi-Supplier/Multi-Retailer platform. 


Critical success factors 

A warehouse acts as a consolidation centre. This is where each supplier keeps a certain amount of stock. Participating retailers can consult this stock, and order products from the various suppliers to fill their lorries. This innovative project stands out for its unbiased and neutral position towards all chain store partners. It operates on a business model based on 'trustees'. The trustee is charged with guaranteeing a legal framework in which competitive suppliers and retailers can work together. TRI-VIZOR is acting as trustee in this project.