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"How can we design products, services and systems  in a way that they simultaneously create economic, social and ecological value?"

The Flemish Materials Program, which must bring Flanders by 2050 at the European summit in the field of sustainable materials management, puplished
45 actions for the 9 levers on the Round Table of June 6. One of the levers is 'sustainable design', here the five short-term actions:

1. integrate sustainable design in manufacturing industry

2. Integrating sustainability in design tools, matching and promoting them

3. Disseminating knowledge about sustainable design through education

4. Drafting and lobbying for minimum standards on Sustainable Materials Management European legislation for product standardization

5. Feasibility study on possible criteria for recycled content in Flanders

For more details about these activities, please visit www.vlaamsmaterialenprogramma.be (only in Dutch)