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Lessons Learned iMade


How can the flemish industrial production be embedded, in a local and sustainable way, in a tailormade production?
This was the main question in the iMade-project during two years, coordinated by Plan C.

The final report 'Lessen uit twee jaar iMade' (only in Dutch available) gives us a wide and inspiring reflection on the journey in the past, and in the future.

iMade wants to respond to the newest technologies of digital production (such as 3D-printing) who are leading us to a shift in manufacturing-businesses.
iMade will link this technlogical revolution to a social and ecological evolution.
The OVAM is partner in this project.

You can download the final report of iMade here: www.plan-c.eu/2014/10/20/lessen-uit-2-jaar-imade/.