News OVAM OVAM 2017-05-10 New Ecolizer data and cases on textile Also fashion, household linen and furniture designers can use the Ecolizer now to measure the environmental impact of their designs. By comparing the environmental impact of different fabrics, techniques and ... Read more ]]> 2016-10-13 Book 10th anniversary OVAM Ecodesign Awards for students Read more ]]> 2016-01-20 The Public Waste Agency of Flanders and the Flanders’ Materials Programme won the Circular Economy Award Last night at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (WEF) in Davos (Switzerland) The Circulars were awarded. The Circulars are an initiative of The Forum of Young Global Leaders, in cooperation withAccenture ... Read more ]]> 2015-12-03 Fashion webtool Close the loop will be launched In a circular fashion industry, designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers are challenged to consider the full life cycle of a garment. Plan C and Flanders Fashion Institute developed a free online tool to guide ... Read more ]]> 2015-12-03 winners Greener packaging award announced! Curious about the winners of the Greener Packaging award? SMEs as well as multinationals won prizes!  Look on their website whats so innovative on their packaging. The website is in ... Read more ]]> 2015-12-01 Discover Reburg, worlds most circular city Reburg is worlds most circular city. The visit to the city is divided into four episodes. The first episode is already online and is titled Fabcities. This episode is about ... Read more ]]> 2015-06-23 Circular fashion with Fashion Flows! Can Antwerp close the loop for the fashion industrie? Thats the challenge Flanders Fashion Institute, Plan-C, teh city of Antwerpen and OVAM are working on. Touching experiments around ... Read more ]]> 2015-04-01 350 users of online Ecolizer We are pleased to report that since its launch on November 24, 2014, 350 designers and companies registered and gotten started on With the online Ecolizer, the user is able ... Read more ]]> 2015-01-29 THE ADDITIVE DESIGN CHALLENGE PLAN C As OVAM is a partner of Plan C, we are pround to announce The Additive Design Challenge. The Additive Design Challenge invites thinkers, makers and doers to put 3D printing at ... Read more ]]> 2015-01-01 The OVAM wishes you a happy 2015! Read more ]]> 2014-12-17 Circular Product Design? The linear take-make-waste’ economy of today defines our products, our environments and our way of life. But what if we imagine an economy in which today’s products are tomorrow’s resources? This circular economy surely opens up enormous opportunities for business and design. Read more ]]> 2014-11-24 The Ecolizer is online now! Today, we proudly present our digital Ecolizer ! The Ecolizer is a ecodesigntool to measure the environmental impact of a product in a easy way. The helpful analysis gives you ... Read more ]]> 2014-11-12 Lessons Learned iMade Lessons Learned iMade How can the flemish industrial production be embedded, in a local and sustainable way, in a tailormade production?This was the main question in the iMade-project during two years, ... Read more ]]> 2014-08-01 ENEC launches newsletter ENEC, the European Network of Ecodesign Centres, (OVAM is founding member), launched his first newsletter. Missed the launch? Dont panic. You can subscribe anytime, and read all the news online. Read more ]]> 2014-06-30 Flanders Design Platform supports 15 young designers with free participation in Ventura Design Platform Vlaanderen geeft 15 jonge beloftevolle bedrijven en ontwerpers de kans om op Ventura Interieur, tijdens de Biënnale Interieur in Kortrijk (17-26 oktober 2014) zich ... Read more ]]> 2014-06-23 Deadline Ecodesign Award for students approaching! Until June 27, 2014 16h students can enroll their project for the OVAM Ecodesign Award2014. Students can win up to 1000 euros! Young designers play a big role in the future of ecodesign. OVAM appreciates theirperformance and therefore reaches the OVAM Ecodesign Award for students. Read more ]]> 2014-05-21 Hoezo, Design? curriculum only in Dutch Read more ]]> 2014-04-29 Ecodesign in Higher Education (EHE)-kit available! Because of great international interest we published the EHE-kit, the English version of the EHO-kit! The work package Ecodesign in Higher Education (EHE kit) provides concrete guidance to teachers, professors, program ... Read more ]]> 2014-04-22 OVAM visiting Bulo Bulo won the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 for O Mr. President, a unique workbench for kids of all ages. Reason enough for a visit by the OVAM! Material effciency is ... Read more ]]> 2014-04-11 EHO kit workshops in training Electromechanics To integrate ecodesign into relevant courses of higher education the EHE-kit, Ecodesign in higher education kit, was developed. The OVAM provides to the bachelor and master Electromechanics workshops to integrate ... Read more ]]> 2014-03-18 ENEC publication Envisioning Ecodesign The publication Envisioning ecodesign has been created by the ENEC partners, including OVAM, by combining each partner’s unique understanding of ecodesign, identifying similarities and acknowledging differences. ... Read more ]]> 2014-03-10 Research on new best practices In 2014, the OVAM is going to search new topical and inspiring best practices of ecodesign. Business cases are vital in persuading businesses and other stakeholders of the benefits of ... Read more ]]> 2014-02-27 Plan C launches e-book Product Service On Tuesday February 25th Plan C launched in MIAT Ghent e-book Product <=> Service. New business models in the circular economy. In the e-book people involved in the cradle of the ... Read more ]]> 2014-02-20 New logo for ENEC The European Network of Ecodesign Centers, ENEC is from now on recognizable by this new logo. OVAM is a member of ENEC.   More news on ENEC: Have a look at the ... Read more ]]> 2014-01-22 Winners OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013         On Tuesday 21 January 2014, OVAM presented the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 at the Flemish Parliament. The Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture ... Read more ]]> 2014-01-10 Who will be the winner of the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO? On January 21, 2013, we announce our winners from the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO in the category product on the market and product in development!In collaboration with Design Flanders, the ... Read more ]]> 2013-12-23 Campaign award for students running! OVAM is busy with her ​​round of design schools in Flanders to inform the students about ecodesign and about the OVAM Ecodesign Award 2014 for students.   Students can win up to ... Read more ]]> 2013-12-17 Translation EHO-kit on its way! The EHO- or Ecodesign in Higher Education kit gets an English translation.Now you can check, download and order the Dutch version of the EHO kit for free on our website. ... Read more ]]> 2013-12-05 ENEC celebrates first anniversary The European Network of Ecodesign Centres, ENEC met on 27th and 28th of November in Brussels to celebrate their first anniversary. In just one year, ENEC partners have reinforced the networks ... Read more ]]> 2013-11-20 Ceremony Greener Packaging Award Also this year Fost Plus, VAL-I-PAC and the Gondola are organising the Greener Packaging Award. The award ceremony of the Greener Packaging Award 2013 will be held on November 18th ... Read more ]]> 2013-11-14 Ecodesign Award leading to your career During the ceremony of the OVAM Ecodesign Award for students, one of our winners, Ilze Leysen, came in contact with the NNOF, her current employer. (only in Dutch) Read more ]]> 2013-10-29 Expo OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students Untill December 2, you can visit the winners of the OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students in the visitor center of the Provincial Domain Vrijbroekpark at Mechelen. Read more ]]> 2013-10-24 Winners OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students! On 23 October OVAM presented the Ecodesign Awards in collaboration with the Howest and UGent. The first prize in the category graduation project of 1000 euros  was for Wakati, a ... Read more ]]> 2013-10-21 New call MIP After two successful MIP - Environment and Energy Innovation Platform - calls, where a number of projects on sustainable materials management were financed in 2010 and 2011 ... Read more ]]> 2013-10-11 Lower environmental impact and production costs, with the materials scan! OVAM and Enterprise Flanders want to encourage the sustainable use of materials and resources by SME and thus increase their economic benefits. The scan is offered free and advises SME to ... Read more ]]> 2013-09-23 Trainingprograms product development enthusiastic about EHO-kit The faculties of  productdesign in Kortrijk and Antwerp worked with the EHO kit last week. They were all fan of integrating ecodesign even more in the new curriculum!  Read more ]]> 2013-09-03 Jurors OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 The jurors from OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 are ready. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony in the Flemish Parliament in January 2014. More info about our jurors? Read more ]]> 2013-09-02 Discover KringloopExpo! Often, new materials are being made or bought for exhibitions, performing arts and filmsets . Because of a shortage of storage space, a lot of these materials ... Read more ]]> 2013-08-27 Participate at the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 The call for the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2013 is launched.The winner stands in the spotlight in January 2014 in the Flemish Parliament during the presentation of the Henry Van ... Read more ]]> 2013-07-29 ECOWEB, Your Gateway to European Eco-innovations!   ECOWEB is a smart and free online platform which gathers over 3.000 EU-funded eco-innovations, including technologies, applications, products, patents, processes and other solutions. It is a new tool that brings ... Read more ]]> 2013-07-23 Public Prize From now, you can vote for the Public Prize of the OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students.   Vote here! (The information about the projects is only in Dutch) Read more ]]> 2013-07-16 OVAM at the ENEC-meeting in Paris At the moment the ENEC members are meeting in Paris to discuss the program of a new ENEC event this fall. ENEC stands for European Network of Ecodesign Centres. Besides OVAM ... Read more ]]> 2013-07-05 Jurors OVAM Ecodesign Awards 2013 for students known! Our list of  jurors from OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students is complete. On July 10, 2013, they will deliberate the submitted projects.   Discover more about our jurors on the page of ... Read more ]]> 2013-07-01 Group certified counselors expanded The group of certified counselors from OVAM SIS Toolkit is expanded with 12 new coaches! Take a look at our overview page and find out who our new certified counselors are. Read more ]]> 2013-06-24 Deadline OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students approaching June 28 is the deadline to submit your project. In this video you can discover how much attention your project can get! Read more ]]> 2013-05-31 Longboardstroller in the media! Our winner of the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO in the category product in development longboardstroller,  back then Quinny Jett, is enjoying a lot of attention from the press. We recommend ... Read more ]]> 2013-04-09 EHO-kit guides Ecodesign in higher education The newest member of OVAM is a fact: the EHO kit!  The EHO-kit is a work package that supports teachers, professors, training coordinators and training councils to integrate ecodesign in ... Read more ]]> 2013-03-25 Nomad wins public Prize Henry Van de Velde Awards The closing of the exhibition on the Henry van de Velde Awards & Labels is always gathered by the presentation of the public prize. This year, Nomad, the rechargeable lamp ... Read more ]]> 2013-01-16 Ceremony OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012 On Tuesday 15 January 2012, OVAM presented the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012 at the Flemish Parliament. The Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture Joke Schauvliege, and ... Read more ]]> 2013-01-16 Integrate ecodesign in you design education OVAM developed a model to integrate ecodesign into the courses of design schools for 3D-products. A renewed methodology was written down and tested with  the stakeholders. OVAM is now working on ... Read more ]]> 2013-01-07 Try to disassemble an office chair   Make a difference as a designer! This month a checklist of guidelines for designers, compiled for an ideal waste treatment with optimal recycling, will appear on OVAM  Read more ]]> 2012-11-28 European based Ecodesign Centres launch a interregional collaborative network Given the challenges of a more sustainable Europe five prominent Ecodesign Centres and their respective regional governments have joined forces to create a collaborative platform to generate, disseminate and ... Read more ]]> 2012-11-19 Campaign OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students The campaign of the OVAM Ecodesign Award 2013 for students has started. The OVAM will visit the design schools of Flanders to launch the campaign in each school.   Read more ]]> 2012-10-05 Ambassadors working with the OVAM SIS Toolkit! Beneens, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ontex, Tupperware en WinWatt were selected by the OVAM to act as ambassadors of the OVAM SIS Toolkit.   The ambassadors discover the OVAM SIS Toolkit under the professional ... Read more ]]> 2012-09-17 Jury PRO in progress! Op dit moment buigen de juryleden zich over de 32 inzendingen van de OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012. Read more ]]> 2012-09-04 The jurors from the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO are ready! Our list of jurors of the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012 is complete. On September 17, 2012 they will deliberate on the projects submitted.   Read more ]]> 2012-08-27 OVAM at Cultuurmarkt 2012 On Sunday, August 26, 2012 the Cultuurmarkt 2012 took place in the center of Antwerp . This is an environmentally conscious event and bears ecology of paramount importance. During ... Read more ]]> 2012-08-20 Deadline OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO The deadline to submit your project to take your chance on the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2012 is approaching. On 4 September at 4pm, the submission period ends.          ... Read more ]]> 2012-07-30 Download or order the free ecodesign information carrier In our free information carrier Design now products of tomorrow you discover the ecodesign projects of OVAM and on the basis of illustrative examples, we have a look at the ... Read more ]]> 2012-07-02 Counselors OVAM SIS Toolkit A whole range of certified counselors are ready to professionaly assist you in your journey with the OVAM SIS Toolkit. These people followed a training program organized by the OVAM to ... Read more ]]> 2012-06-13 Action for sustainable design! How can we design products, services and systems  in a way that they simultaneously create economic, social and ecological value? The Flemish Materials Program, which must bring Flanders by 2050 ... Read more ]]> 2012-05-16 Searching for sustainable business models New business models can make an important contribution to a sustainable use of materials. During an interactive workshop from Open Raam, we were invited to think about product-service systems, closing the material cycles, industrial symbiosis, marketing of additive design techniques, etc. Read more ]]> 2012-05-07 OVAM and Ecocampus OVAM works together with Ecocampus to integrate ecodesign in education. Ecocampus is an educational project of the Department of Environment, Nature and Economics (LNE) and concentrates   on the  educational and ... Read more ]]> 2012-04-30 Design out of waste wood The aim of Resource Lab is to design and create new products out of the unusable and unsold products Kringwinkel WEB has gathered. For example, they have ... Read more ]]> 2012-04-16 SUSCHEMCompass: a guideline for measuring sustainability Do you want to measure sustainability but have no idea where to begin? The SUSCHEMCompass will help you finding the answer! As the tool is designed as a support to ... Read more ]]> 2012-04-05 trAXi wins Battle of Talents! Battle of Talents is the business plan competition for students from higher education in Flanders. More than 550 students in 119 teams signed up for Battle of Talents. The victory was ... Read more ]]> 2012-03-27 Sirris and FMTC develop eco-audit for machines The technological service center Sirris and research lab FMTC, both founded by Agoria, the federation for the technology industry, have developed an audit to measure the ecological impact of ... Read more ]]> 2012-03-02 Old flags get a new life as bag!                         Flagbag is a social employment program established by thriftshop OKAZI. Old flags are cut and processed into all kinds of bags and accessories. This gives these the old flags a new ... Read more ]]> 2012-02-22 From video box up to ice bucket! Old video boxes get a decent second life as an ice bucket. This fantastic story is one of the valuable final results of the Innovation Project of Plastic Waste Kringwinkel Kust. Read more ]]> 2012-02-09 Greener Packaging Award OVAM participated in the creation of the Greener Packaging Award of Fost Plus and Gondola. The Award will be launched on May 24 this year! Read more ]]> 2012-02-07 Ecolizer 2.0 on workshop ECO-INNOVERA ECO-INNOVERA focuses on the support of eco- innovation in research and development. The 6th of February 2012, ECO-INNOVERA organized the workshop Learning about quantitative tools or methodologies for evaluating eco- innovation ... Read more ]]> 2012-01-30 OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO in the press The awarding of the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO, included four years ago as an additional category of The Henry Van de Velde Awards, could count on a great interest of ... Read more ]]> 2012-01-18 Presentation OVAM Ecodesign Award 2011 On Tuesday 17 January 2012, OVAM presented the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2011 at the Flemish Parliament. The Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture Joke Schauvliege, and Mrs Henny ... Read more ]]>